Thank you for taking the time to have a quick look at my requirement.

I am the Director of UED Gaming, an eSports community that has a lot of experience of promoting businesses through online entertainment.

UED Gaming is an active gaming community that previously had sponsorship from companies such as SubZeroServers, Xsplit, Hauppauge and a number of Android App developers.

2013 is seeing the return of UED Gaming with the intention to cover many more games as well as the mobile gaming community. We take advantage of the live streaming communities, live gaming events and major gaming events in America and the United Kingdom such as Major League Gaming, IPL and TeamLiquid events.


Teamspeak server
Graphic Design
Game servers - Minecraft / Starcraft Brood War
Web support

We are aware that it's not cheap for the SME market to fund these services without a return. Therefore we would be willing to contribute towards the running costs of any service you can afford until we can show you a good return on your investment.

Please contact me on skype - shaun_pearce5 or email which is the best place to start - shaun . pearce5 @ gmail.com

UEDGaming.net is in it's development stage addressing what games we wish to cover this year. So please consider contacting me to discuss any ideas you may have.

Kind regards