Hi, My name is Yakamato and im the leader for this counter strike source clan |FIuS| = Frequently In ur Section.

We are a privius clan that just started back up, what we want is sponors, are you willing to help a growing team, and help us reach the top?

Info about the clan

The clan was originaly started in 2008 as a war team for cs 1.6 by me,plxi,tahir,Jones and imarek. but in early 2009 we found out we want to go over to Counter Strike:Source and go from team to community. after a while we became bigger and was growing fast.

After a while the clan bacame inactive and we where moving on, but in the late 2009 we started the clan back up, and grew even faster, after a while we where sponsored by an american hosting company, even when we are from europe, we used it and had a website here on enjin, with our own domain: fiusmg.com but after a drastic change in economi we became inactive again. but now
me, lazy and corneey decided we will bring the clan back and to new hights with new members, and hopefully servers.

Future plans

We "are" going to have two css servers and a teamspeak 3 server, no matter what. we are to be succsesfull, and conquere what ever obsticals we may find. we are not going to give up for any setbacks we may encounter, and we will have more members, no matter what we are going to set the the flag on the top as proof of our exsitance.


Public: 32 slot, 66tic , located in London, (maybe mod's)
match: 13 slot, 66tic, located in London, zblock
Ts3: 50 - 200

That is our future plans of servers, and this website will be used and perfected in everyway.

What do we need?

we need help from you. A clan wont make itself, It needs partners, people that sticks through thick and thin.
A clan can not be ditchd if there is a downside at one point, where is the loyalty then?
We need every thing we can possibly get.

Will YOU help us?

We can discus further what you will get in return, but one thing is for sure your banner will be here on our website.

My Steam: The_justise92
We are located in Europe