So heres the run down of what i'm doing:-
I am co-developer of a online game that is in its infancy stage, so for now we just need a forum (phpbb3) to jot down the concepts and ramblings as we go ( 10 users max atm ) however the mysql database that phpbb3 uses will be modified to hold character details etc from the game backed up every 10 mins or so (handled by a server that is currently on my own box) so i need remote access to update the fields on the mysql db. as we are just starting on this project cashflow is short as its only a part time hobby atm, however once the game is up and running we plan to move to paid hosting and maybe server hosting (win).

my quest is to find free webhosting with either remote mysql access or allows (or some such) connections

however I'm beginning to think this is impossible, I understand the free hosts and remote mysql doesn't exist any more but surely there's a free host out there that allows using a mysql server other than localhost

thanks in advance for any advice on getting the db up and running.


P.s i found that 0000free allows access however they dont accept emails from gmail etc so there out too. is there another one like them anywhere ?