I'm the leader of a group called PRKGGS (also known as PGGS), and we have been looking for a free server for quite some time, since the admins of our group are currently too low on money to afford a server at this point in time. We would love it if someone could host a server for us. You can still have complete ownership of the server, and if you feel as though you want to back out, you will have total permission to. We'll take any amount of players (minimum 8), and we would like to not be charged for anything. You would also be allowed admin for our group if you would like. Thanks!

Preferred maps: Any official Valve maps. (cs_, de_)
We would also like it to be standard deathmatch, hostage rescue, and/or bomb defusal.

Send me a message on steam.
Steam username: (PGGS)[AK47]prkprkprk

We will also accept servers for most other Valve games as well, though CS:S is the most preferred game for us.

Preferred title: PGGS Gaming Group Server Deathmatch 24/7 Official Valve Maps

Preferred time zone: Any time zone in the US. I will do a ping check when the server is up.

We would prefer a public server, but private is fine too, as long as I am able to know the password.

Again, thanks!