Info To The Hoster:
-The hoster dont need to know anything about a cs 1.6 server i can help you to make the cs server uprunning by using teamviwer.

the only things i want the hoster to know is.

1:The hoster need to give the server a chance. If the server dont get players i want the hoster to let the server be on. I want the hoster to give the server atlast 3 weeks if its 0 players then the hoster can close it.

2:The hoster computer need to fix the "server info" without lagg "read server info"

Server Info:
-Maps:cs:assault <-- mabey more later
-Server name:I talk to the hoster about the name first and then we see.
-Server Open 24/7
-24 or 20 slots i can accept 18
-Location will be in europa

Well i dont know more to write but i mabey write more to the hoster on msn. If you want to try to host a cs 1.6 server on msn
add:Exorz922 on steam