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    Looking for an e-mail provider with spam protection and web based access.

    I seem to have posted this in the wrong forum. I'm reposting it here.


    I am an Interland reseller. After a long relationship with them, we have decided to end our term with them and move all of our clients to a dedicated box that we own and manage at a different facility (DataPipe).

    The reasons we have decided to leave them are:

    1. Interland used to have a dedicated support rep for each reseller account. Interland has eliminated that program. Resellers now have to call into the general tech support pool. Unfortunately, the general tech support pool for Interland is not very good and issues go unresolved many times. When items get escalated and resolved we have often times found that the resolutions were applied to the case simply to close the case and not because the case was truly resolved.
    2. Their stats system (Webtrends) does not work. This is not a complaint about Webtrends, but rather about Interland’s implementation. With all of our accounts, Webtrends acts erratically. Sometimes it will generate reports, sometimes it won’t. On top of this, their logging does not record the “cookies” entry which is important for certain features within Webtrends. As a result, the quality of the reports is poor and when applied to some uses such as Search Engine Optimization can be somewhat problematic.

    The one problem we are struggling with (and here’s where my question comes in) is e-mail.

    While we are fully comfortable owning, managing and maintaining our own web servers, we do not want to host and manage e-mail and would like to offset that to a third party organization.

    What we have done in the past is purchased Interland’s lowest level hosting package and just used the e-mail portion, but we won’t be able to do that if we move our account to our own server because Interland tacks on a “penalty fee” for “downgrading” accounts.

    Can anyone recommend a good cost effective e-mail provider that offers spam protection and web based access as well as the usually POP based access?
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    We will be pleased if you choose our E-Mail plan

    Unlimited E-mail Transfer
    50 MB Storage
    Mail autoresponder
    3 different Online Mail Interfaces

    Price is $15 per year.

    Best Regards
    HostColor.com - Web Hosting ServicesDedicated Hosting - since 2000
    Data center: near Chicago; Network (AS46873): Level 3, Cogent, Hurricane Electric, Retn.net
    24/7 Support: 1-888-222-1495; Skype: HostColor
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    We are a very reliable host with current uptime of 100%, very fast servers, reliable servers and speedy knowledgeable support! We'd like to offer you the following.

    Very Light
    100MB of storage space
    NeoMail, horde and SquirrelMail inferfaces.
    Unlimited Email Addresses
    Unlimited autoresponders
    Unlimited forwarders
    Filtering, spamassassin and many other useful features!
    Unlimited Technical Support
    Daily Backups

    Only $.99 / Month OR $10 Yearly | ORDER NOW!
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    Hello DalaiLama,

    We know as a cosumer you expect multiple things from the person you are paying for the services you expect. Now i know there are thousands of fake companies setup to help individuals but we are here to offer you an alternative to these low cost over night dissapearance companys. Our Support will be one to one and we will never leave anything until it is truly resolved. Thats our promise.

    IF you do not enjoy our services during the first 7 days then we do have a money back Guarantee.

    500MB Space
    10GB Transfer
    Unlimited E-Mails
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    Unlimited Forwarders
    SpamAssassin to filter out spam
    Horde, Squirrel Mail, & Neomail Web Based Interfaces

    $3.49/ Monthly

    Useful Links:
    http://order.dx-h.com - Our Main ordering system
    Sales@deusx.info - Any sales questions should be directed here
    Support@deusx.info - Urgent support should be directed here
    Madcatmk2@hotmail.co.uk - MSN Chat here, Not Company related, Personal MSN
    http://order.dx-h.com/affiliate_signup.php - Join our Affiliate scheme and make yourself a profit
    Reliability, Support, Satisfaction Guaranteed
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    We can accomodate your e-mail needs for a very small amount.




    I'd like to take this moment in fully welcoming you to Solidus-Services.com. It is our aim to provide a quality, realiable and affordable service to all pioneers in website design. Whether you see yourself as complete beginner in the website hosting business or a complete professional - We may have something to suit your needs.

    As well as website hosting we offer website design too. Upon this site you can check out our clients list to see some of the various designs we have worked on. We can meet and tailor to your needs in HTML/CSS designs. Each one of our designs is unique, original and creative. We do not believe in the "Standard" templates. Each website should really show the emotion behind it's author. Whether it be a website for your personal air model collection or perhaps your Star Trek community organisational website - We can meet your demands and provide you with a fully working website.

    Solidus-Services.com was established when the owner discovered alot of problems with former hosts of his. He believed that many hosting companies would rather worry about the money they made rather than the welfare of their customers. It is with Solidus-Services.com's belief that we befriend our customers, offering them instant, idiot-proof support for free as apart of their website hosting package. Another belief of ours is that customers should never feel affraid about how much they're paying for their website hosting. We provide a support room for all possible customers which aims to answer all your questions about hosting - Should they not already be answered through out this website. No question is either dumb or stupid and we aim to answer them all.

    We give our customers the best possible hosting! All accounts come with the famous Fantasico, this allows you to install forums (such as PHPBB) and many more scripts at the simple click of a button - Where this would usually takes hours of stressful code-tweeking. Fantasico is the simple alternative to installing complex scripts and we offer it as standard to all of our customers!

    We may not be the biggest hosting company out there but we value quality rather than quantity. Our customers come first before money. Our policy is to assist and keep our current customers before we even consider getting more!

    So you've obviously began your search for a website hosting company to expand into your dreams of creating an online presence. We wish you luck in your search and hope you find the hosting company which suits you!


    Stephen James - sjames2@blueyonder.co.uk


    Below is our website host listing.

    Hosting Plans


    1 gigabyte of storage.
    5 gigabyte's of bandwith.
    10 mysql database's.
    10 sub-domain's.
    5 FTP account's.
    10 e-mail account's.


    All accounts come with PHP/Perl support. As well as CGI support.
    All accounts come with easily installable PHP/CGI scripts.
    All accounts come with Fantasico.
    All accounts come with support via the support center and also over IM methods.
    All accounts come with POP3/STMP/IMAP e-mail.
    All accounts come with Cpanel.
    And much much more!


    More account features can be requested by contacting Stephen. Also we can accomodate custom accounts for your specialized needs. We can also accomodate with Resellers accounts, but these must be requested as there is a special arrangement we have set-up for these accounts.


    We can register domains for you for a minimum lease of one year. Please contact us for more information.

    So visit www.solidus-services.com today and make your order!

    If you have any questions you can contact me via the following methods - Contact methods - www.solidus-services.com and your questions will be answered immediatley. Feel free to also drop by our support center and speak to one of our sales representitives.

    Good luck, God speed!
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    below is our custom package

    2 gigs of space
    unmeterded transfer
    Webmail acess,
    stats adavalible.

    only 15 dollars a year or 20 with a domain.

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    Below is a special offer currently running on our site, if you have any questions please contact us.

    Free transfers to any of our current customers of all data.


    • 1000MB Diskspace
    • 20GB Bandwidth per month

    Price per year $25.00
    [View virtual plan information]


    All come complete with:

    • MySQL Databases
    • POP3 Email Accounts
    • Additional Add-on Domains
    • Additional FTP Accounts
    • Additional Subdomains
    • cPanel Pro
    • Full Daily Stats (inc Awstats)
    • Password Protected Directories
    • Perl
    • PHP
    • Junk Email Filters
    • Auto installation of scripts
    • 20 extra cPanel languages
    • RVSkin's (16 extra styles)
    Weekly backup's

    Fax 0870 7051416 | Email sales@duportonline.com
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    I wasn't sure if your needing multiple e-mail accounts or just one ?
    Well anyway, I can offer you:
    5GB Storage Space
    50GB Bandwidth
    Unlimited Autoresponders
    Unlimited Forwarders
    Unlimited E-mail Addresses
    It comes with spam blocker.
    cPanel 10
    I will give this to you for FREE, As long as you follow the above rule.(You are only allowed to have an Index page.)
    PM me with Desired Username, Password, and your e-mail address for set up.
    Best Regards,
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  17. www.hartserver.net
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    You could order one of our web hosting packages and use it's space and data transfer purely for email if you required. Additional POP3 mail boxes can be set for your users if required, and we also offer webmail. Our control panel will enable you to manage the individual mail boxes when required.

    Please take a look at http://www.hartserver.net/packages.php for our current selection of hosting packages, or if you prefer create your own custom package with only the features you require at http://www.hartserver.net/custom.php

    If you would like to discuss alternative solutions please get in touch.

    Andrew Hart
    Hartserver Administrator
    Andrew Hart
    Hartserver Administrator

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