For a really long time "Learn 2 Shoot" has been playing Counter-strike source all over the different countries, we started to play for fun in 2008 and split ted in end of 2009, we had a great time with all the players from 4 different countries (Germany, Holland, Denmark & England)
Now we are back as R3KILL, we're reopening and need some help from Sponsors to get us on the top once again!
We will need a domain-name for website (.com .dk .org or .net)
We will need a Public Server to increase our Population & for fun play also.

But why should you give us what we want? you might not even know us?
Yeah that's a really good question, and lemme look what i can offer ya for that stuff.
First of all, we will advertise all we can for your Company, how we do this will be through our Website, Forum, Server(s), Matches etc..
Our website is under construction by myself at the moment and will be up in about a week. But i can promise you our sponsors will get the 'focal point' of the site both on Forums and the default Website.
We all ready have a simple 10 slot Private server 100 tick, for counter-strike source used daily 5-10 times, a good place to advertise i think as well if you can imagine (Pictures all over the whole map with your company lol)
By our old Sponsors we we're advertising by Matches as well (You thinking WTF right now ain't ya?) well, you see, whenever we played cups, cw's and pcw's we ALWAYS told the opposite team about the great offers of our sponsors and telling alot of positive stuff, also we had our sponsor's name in our in game name in matches and FFA to show we we're really grateful.

Hmm, i might have forgot something but i guess i will tell ya if you interested..