We are looking for a dedicated server to host a Private Battle.net Server for Starcraft: Brood War.

Starcraft: Brood War is a 12 years old game so it is not like recent games such as counter strike and other games like that. The Private Battle.net Server for Starcraft: Brood War requier less bandwidth by itself than a user browsing a website. One of the reasons for that is that once a game is created by a user, the game is hosted by this user.

So there is no need to get a big plan such a 1000G bandwidth/month and so on.

Also, it doesnt use much CPU either.

Anyway, we are looking for something decent but as I said, we don't need the kind of dedicated servers that are used to host Counter Strike (and other such games) servers because it is way too much for nothing.

We are open to anything that could do the job without having to pay for a huge plan that we dont really need.

I'm looking to get prices that reflect a package suitable for 50 players.