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    Searching for not too expensive dedicated server with good cpu

    Hello all,

    I'm searching for a server with these specs:
    512 RAM minimum(1Gig better)
    PIV 2.8Ghz or more(HT prefered but not necessary)
    120 gig disk(possibility to add more?)
    ~400GB of bandwidth per month, 300 would probably be fine though
    Windows OS with available RDP
    Fast link(100Mbit on a good network)
    The server will be running image extensive applications, hence the requirements up there

    Now, i'm not that wealthy so i'd like the price to be around 100USD per month or less if possible, with not too high setup fee.
    If there's plans for 12 months or 24months i probably would be interested too.

    Also, i need a very stable network, stability being more important than speed as long as speed isnt too slow(slow=under 5Mbps)

    Ah one last thing, a remote reboot option if possible(ready to pay a few more bucks for that)

    Edit: ADM cpus are fine if they are of equivalent power

    Edit2: i found managed.com have a pretty good offer for 90 but i have no idea if they are reliable....

    Edit3: apparently managed.com forbid irc(i just need to have bnc on irc for my personal use), and have low stability as well so i guess they are not usable
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    We can offer you a dedicated server with these specs:

    Intel Pentium 4 Plan #2P
    CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.0GHZ HYPERTHREAD
    Memory: 512MB DDR RAM
    Hard Drive: 120GB IDE or 36GB SCSI
    Bandwidth: 1000GB/MONTH
    IP Addresses: 5
    Port: 10/100MBPS SWITCHED VLAN
    $99.95/SETUP $129.95/MONTH

    To order go to our billing page.

    Thanks for reading.

    P.S Please put devshedforums as the referrer, thanks.
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    this offer seems nice
    what networks are you linked to?
    any serv i could try for ping/connection speed?
    also, are the servers provided with the os or is it a supplement?
    is there any restrictions?(irc clients?)

    Thank you,

    Paul-Kenji Cahier
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