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    Counter-Strike Gaming Server

    I am looking for a moderatly priced gaming server for CS1.6.
    We are willing to pay from 40 to 25 dollars a month for a good pinging, decently local server. Specifications Listed Below.

    Location: East Coast, Closer To SC the better, Georgia or Virginia Servers wanted.
    Player Count: 12-18 depending on the price range and stability of the server
    Payment: We do have paypal and other forms if required.
    Atleast .5 Gig of map/server space
    There must be a test server or example server we can ping our selves on and whatnot.
    We would like a Teamspeak server but it isnt a requirement.

    We would also like to know how quickly the server can be posted once the payment is recieved.

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    We have a Deal for you this week. We just added a couple new servers out of NewYork and are offering 50% discount on the first month. We can offer you the Following:

    16 Player Server
    Default installed with AMX MOD or AdminMod
    FTP/SSH access to execute server config files
    Extra Storage for Maps and Mods
    Our default config has voice chat on with 11200 Quality
    We also offer a back up of default game files(and maps if requested)
    $20 US

    That is $10 for the first month.
    Servers can be installed within 24 hours. . . if ordered at night we can usually have them up in a couple of hours.

    Test server is at

    Email jcraig@cgicomputers.com
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    BlazinBarrels.com can offer you a CS 1.6 server with metamod/adminmod preinstalled for the following:

    12 Slot - 27.00/Month
    14 Slot - 31.50/Month
    16 Slot - 36.00/Month
    18 slot - 41.50/Month

    (12 and 14 Player slots, TS2 will be $5/Monthly for equal # of slots, 16/18 I'll throw it in at no charge)

    Statsme and HLTV available on request.

    Test IP: in Virginia

    Your server will be hosted on the following:

    Dual 3.06 GHz Xeon
    2 GB Ram
    120 GB HDs
    100MBit Ports on a multiple peered (~250 of them) network of OC-3/GigE connections.

    All accounts have access to ftp and a Web based game control panel (GameCP) for controlling your server, uploading maps, changing configs, etc.

    Server may be ordered from http://www.blazinbarrels.com/orderlist.php and you'll have it in under a minute after payment!

    Please feel free to contact me using any of the following means:

    AIM: BlazinBarrelsUS
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    Hello there,

    See: http://forums.devshed.com/t228801/s.html

    is able to provide you with:

    *CS Server: 12 slots @ $22.80/month ($1.90/slot) [As shown on the link above

    Total: $27.80/month

    The above includes Web Hosting (1GB Space, 10GB Bandwidth).

    If you are interested in purchasing more servers such as this from us, we are happy to work out a good deal for you

    Contact us if you are interested in our special deal. Spaces on our fast-filling servers are running out. Act now!

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    I have your gaming servers talk to me on aim or visit our site we have 3 different locations and prices that can't be beat.. if they are cheaper than us you are getting ripped off we give all new server rentals above 45 dollars a free PhpBB2 Forum and a ventrilo channel.. come check us out http://nbk-clan.com
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    Testimonial about CGIcomputers

    I have been playing cs for a while and i have had a few servers. The first server i had was from Griffin Run. I thought that it would be better to buy froma well known host. Griffin run wasn't bad. The pings were great. The bill was really high though. The worst thing though... no support. If something went wrong then you'd better know how to fix it urself. The 2nd server that i got was from Game Daemons. This is another well known company, and they were almost identical to Griffin run. no support, and a bill that was through the roof. After the server rental was up, i decided that i would tryout a smaller company becuase i Had heard some good things. I decided to try CGIcomputers. They offered me a great deal, and the pings from the test server were great. Once I got my server, took around 3 hours to be set up (with stats,mods,and webmod <-- really good btw) I noticed that the pings were incredible! It was like my previous two servers, only with a bill that is 1/2 of what i paid to griffin and gamedaemons. Then my server went down (due to me fiddling with the FTP) I thought to myself that it would take a day to fix and get back up online. Then I signed onto AIM and there was CGI Computers, and they fixed my server right away. If you want a test server then feel free to ping my NY server from CGIcomputers . CGI is the best server host that I have ever had, and I will always use them whenever I need another server. I hope this helps you find a host. I would highly recommend CGI computers if price, pings, and support matters to you.
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    Xtreme Quality Gaming

    We can offer good pinging servers at an affordable price. We have locations in Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL and Washington, D.C.

    All servers come with a TeamSpeak server, Unlimited File Space, 24/7 Email Support, 24/7 FTP Access, 99.95% Uptime On All Servers, And Much More.

    All servers are placed on Dual Xeon 2.8 and above machines.

    We currently have a special going on. The first 15 people who orders a server gets $2.00 off every month until they cancel. Just use coupon code new2off when ordering. This special is for new customers only.

    A good game server host must provide the best support they can, here at XQgaming we try our best to meet the needs of our customers.

    Visit www.XQgaming.team-clutch.net
    Test Servers Available
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    Hello Sir,

    My name is Josh Dargie from, Fallout Servers/Digital Hosting. I would like to offer you a chance to "frag and not lagg"

    All our servers, can have AMX, AMXX, Metamod, Admin Mod, CS Stats, Ping Booters, Bandwitdh Boosters, ect. installed, and we dont limit your maps and files spaces, as long as its pretaining to the game, and not a website.

    Our Prices

    We can provide you with the following offers, pelase not our prices are about 2 dollars a slot.

    Clan Special Package: ($43/month)
    -16 man Public
    -12 man Private
    -20 man HLTV
    -35 slot Ventrilo.
    -FREE WEBHOSTING (10gigs space, 30gigs band, Cpanel ect.)
    This is worth : around $50-60 dollars.

    However the price for what you are inquriering about is:

    16 man
    25 man ventrilo
    FREE WEBHOSITNG (.5gigs space, 5gigs band, Cpanel ect.)

    Our Locations

    We currently host in the following areas:
    - Virgina
    - Chicago
    - Texas
    - New York
    - New Jersey
    - San Jose

    Our Servers

    We currently are running on:

    Dual 3.2's+ w/ HT or Dual Amd Opterons
    2+ Gigs of Ram
    10k/15k HDD's
    Dual 10/100/1000 Nic's

    Our Payment Ways

    all payments at this time are to be done via paypal, or moneyorder (only if needed)

    payments yearly will result in a cheaper prices and a free server.

    Our Contact Info

    We hope you will be interested in us.

    Aim - DH Help 00
    MSN - digitalhosting@gmail.com (please do not email)
    EMAIL - sales@deservers.info (This is my public email)
    MIRC - #falloutsupport (Pm [FOS]Ghost[Tech] for ordering)

    We thank you for your time reading this post, and we hope you will be interested in purchaseing from us, We are looking forward from purchasing from you

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