Well, I have a request. I would like a 10 or 12 or low slot pub. I would have posted this in the "free webhosting category" but I am not like the other people who post in there. I am seeking serious sponsors for an up and coming gaming community. We are looking for a server to use for the club, and to recruit more kids to the club. I had an old club two years ago. The requirement for the club was that each member had to advertise for the club, and they advertised our sponsor as well. The sponsor was a web hosting company, and I earned them, this quote is directly from them, "You earned me nearly $300 from kids seeking web hosting." That was for $5 a month web hosting. Imagine how much that would have been if it were game servers, or professional web hosting or web design. EMAIL - bluedevils21@gmail.com --or-- msn: tholahan9@msn.com