Hey all,

My alias is Redeye3323 but you may call me Daniel

I made a clan called Deathwatch - |DE| - 2/3 days ago and already have 15 members in it so we would like to get a Counter Strike Server for Scrimming (10 slot) and a public CS:S server. I understand that you guys won't be willing to offer both so I would like for at least one to be sponsored.

We are going to be getting a site soon, which will be a .co.uk site, and we will also be getting a Server. Our Vent is in the process of being made but it is co-owned by my clan and another.

I hope you consider my request as I aim to get this clan both big and well-run.

Thank you for reading,

Daniel aka Redeye3323
|DE| Clan Founder