My name is Daniel, alias is Redeye3323, and I am the founder of a 25+ members Clan which is growing by the day and has many different Divisions (CS:S, Crossfire, CoD4, Urban Terror and Unreal Tournament).

The clan, called Deathwatch Gaming (Tag: |DG| ), has it's own site - (www. deathwatch . co . uk) - and it's own Ventrilo which gets very active at peak times of the day. The IP for our vent is and the port is 3815

Our biggest Division is currently CS:S and we are planning to scrim and get into some leagues which would mean we would need a 12-slot Private Server. It would have to be 66-tic and over 500-fps (if possible)

Should you be willing to offer this, I would be willing to advertise for you both in the server and on our website.

Thank you for reading

|DG| Founder