My name is Domantas. I'm member of I see You. We are Counter-Strike team. And we are looking for sponsors!

About us:

IsY ( I see You ) is Lithuanian team. We have 6 members. 5 are living in Lithuania, and 1 is in Denmark.. We are active, and we're planning to reach some nice goals in the future.

We need:

2 CS 1.6 Servers:
1 Is for Matches, tournaments, and another is for Public
Warserver 11 slots and 20 for Public

1 Ventrilo server. 30 slots?

What you will offer back?

We will provide advertism in MOTD, servers, ventrilo server and we will upload pic or something in our website.

If you would like to sponsor us please write your Skype here.

With honor, Domantas 'ToucH^' Andrijauskas