We are the "13th MEU" (Marine Expeditionary Unit) and we are an international, multi-gaming, multi-platform clan. The games we have divisions for are: Battlefield: Heroes (PC), Battlefield 2 (PC), Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (PC, 360, PS3), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (PC, 360, PS3), and Halo 3/ODST (360). Our official upcoming divisions will be: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Medal of Honor, Halo Reach (360), and Metal Knight Zero (PC).
The 13th MEU has a reputation as a large, friendly, skilled clan. We have a very strong foundation, as we've gone through rough times, but we've came back stronger than ever.
We're a realism clan. Our organization is based on the US Military/Marines. This is how it works:

1. Regiment: The current size of the 13th MEU
2. Division: Unit for a specific Game/Franchise
3. Battalion: 1st Battalion= American players (Default), 2nd Battalion= European/Worldwide
4. Company: Sub-unit in a Battalion if a certain type of squad gets over-sized.
5. Platoon: Another Sub-unit. Can be used instead of Company. This would usually be used to separate different platforms for the same Division.
6. Squad: The basis of Chain of Command (CoC). The backbone units of the whole clan. There are always 2 leaders, the Squad Leader, and the Squad Assistant.
7. Fireteam: What the Squad or Platoon would break up into if multiple elements of different squads attend, is split into. Usually paired up with 1 or 2 of your most-known mates.

This clan was created back on July 21st, 2009. The original clan name was Fox Company, but was changed to the 13th MEU as it was growing, fast. Our main means of communication would probably be X-fire (excluding PMs on the forums).

Our website been used since the start of our early days, but we are planning to move to another one, to accommodate the increasing number of members. There are no advertisements shown on our site currently, unless you are not logged in and viewing the page(s) as a guest.

Some key clan personnel would be:

* thebronxbomber (Clan Leader) -- [Xfire: thebronxbomber]
* ZERO (2nd in Command) -- [Xfire: thedeathofdawn]
* Endrane (3rd in Command) -- [Xfire: avenga1]
* HartAttackKidd (Sponsorship Relations Director) -- [Xfire: wwetnaufcfan07]

Please contact me with Private Message.

The website traffic information would be:
Estimated Traffic: 3,000 Hits (Monthly)
Current Amount of Users: 1020
Estimated Sign-ups: 4 (Daily)
Posts: 56469 (All-time), ~143 (Daily)
Topics: 3070 (All-time)

We haven't participated in any ladders, although, our guys have attended an Xbox 360 Community Playdate for BF:BC2 (was planned by the 13th MEU), Xbox 360 BF:BC2 Clan Wars (We had one a few days ago and won against Team-D12), and various Battlefield: Heroes clan battles. Soon, we will be looking into having some Battlefield 2 clan wars/scrimmages and also for our upcoming game divisions. We are also planning to do our own Battlefield: Heroes event sometime in the future.

We would like a sponsor because:

1. We are a bit on the low-side with donations, as these times are effecting donations and there is already 1 server having to be paid for already. We also have a 12-slot Ventrilo Server, but it is getting too small for our needs.
2. It would help a lot with recruitment rate.
3. The 13th MEU doesn't have any sponsors yet, and our clan's size and website traffic could be more appealing to companies looking to make deals/relations.

The 13th MEU will be surely be able to raise your profile. That would be accomplished with advertisement on our Xfire, a "Sponsor" banner in the left sidebar of our website (where it will be shown every single page on the website), auto-message advertisement on our already-owned Battlefield: Heroes server, a "This clan is sponsored by: <Your Banner Here>" on all of our recruitment threads throughout the web, and a "This clan is sponsored by: <Your Banner Here>" in the future Battlefield: Heroes event that is being thought about for the future. There could also be other ways, like placing your name in all of our official Youtube videos, etc.

Thank your for the time to read this, and I am sure we will be able to make positive effects for both of us. We are asking for a Ventrilo server capable of holding at least 25, but certainly. Another would be a Battlefield: Heroes server. A VPS/Dedicated server would also help. Our needs from you can certainly be worked out through e-mail communications.

-13th Marine Expeditionary Unit

I will only respond to people looking to sponsor us, not people seeking to be recruited, as I am not allowed to self-promote the clan. Sorry if it looks like I am, I want to make sure the sponsor knows as much about us as possible. Again, Private Message me for information or if you are interested/want the website URL. Thanks in advance!