Hello my name is Kristˇfer J. Reyes Im the leader/caller of team eVa and Im looking for a good sponsor that can give us:

12 Slot private server.

8-15 Slot Ventrilo 2.1.4 server or 8-15 slot Mumble 1.2.2 server.

Also if you can give us money so that we can pay our own server and/or clothing with your advertisment on. We have a bank account.

We will provide advertisments

More info:

We are a really good clan. We have been playing togheter as a team for about 4 mounths now and we are all good friend that have alot of potential in this game. We want to compete in tournaments and leagues and are going to as soon as we get a sponsor.

Contact me on :

Steam: kristofer12345

E-Mail: l5reyes(at)hotmail.com

For more details and information.

Thank you!