[DOS] is currently looking for a clan sponsorship.

Who are we?
[DOS] a.k.a. Deployable Operations Squad is a international multi-gaming community currently involved in Battlefield Play4Free, Karma Online, and Battlefield Bad Company 2. The clan was created on July 2, 2011. It's a fairly new clan but we have great statistics.
Website: www [dot] dosclansite [dot] us
TS3 Server:
Active Clan Members: 40+
Active Recruits: 10+
Total Registered: 85+
Website hits since July 2011: 31000+

We have our own game server for Play4Free and our own TS3 server (small). So we don't ask for alot.

We will be in tournaments in the near future and every one of them. We had a couple scrimmages with other clans with some wins and some losses. Many of our members are very talented in gaming. So we wish we can support them.

What we ask.
Mainly, we need a TS3 40-50 man server. If available we would also like a Battlefield Bad Company 2 game server and a new website design (about $100 give or take)

What we will give in return.

You sponsor name will be posted on the bottom of our website and either in the right of left side of our website. We will create a page that will list you as a sponsor and also a link back to your website. Also, in the forum post, your name will be in it. On our game servers, you can customize a message like "We are sponsored by (YOUR NAME)". If you request any other things, we would consider and most likely accept it.

If you have any questions at all. Email me at howard31066@gmail [dot] com or howard@ dosclansite [dot] us: See forum rules). Alternative would be to go to our website and look for "SuckItBysh". Or you can come on our TeamSpeak server and look for us.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely yours,
Howard a.k.a. SuckItBysh
Clan Founder of [DOS]