Hello, my name is Santino. The CoD series are the most playable games in the world probablly. The second part of CoD series was mostly payable game back in the 07. And it will still be one of the greatest war games for many many years.
As you can see in this link the team is playing since 2007[ clanbase . ggl . com/claninfo . php?cid=1430156 ]. But still searching for a proper sponsor whos willing to support us atleast 10000mb of disk space available. We are not in possibility to use promotional logos on the website. But we are willing to put your initials on a tagname. And a promotional logo on ClanBase site.
We would carrie your logo/name in our name and promotional logos on clanbase site since we still dont have a hosting whos willing to sponsor us with that much space. As you can see the team is very good ranked according to our online achivements.
ClanBase 5on5 Ladder
ClanBase 3on3 Ladder
ClanBase 2on2 Ladder - currently hibernation [rank18 1613pt]
ClanBase 2on2 Ladder Balcan States rank2
ClanBase 3on3 Ladder Balcan States rank8
ClanBase 5on5 Ladder Balcan States rank4

The team is now dedicated to online gaming, as there is no available offline event for CoD2 for now.
The team went os several offline competitions such as
Logitech LAN, GWC - Gamersject Winter Challange, Gamersject #3, Gamersject #2, codHR#1 LAN, Feniks Komp. LAN, Cybersymphony LAN, Mini Lan Belisce

Online Achivements
ClanBase 2on2 Croatia Ladder - rank 1 (2007)
ClanBase 2on2 Balkan Ladder - rank 1 (2011)
ClanBase 5on5 Europe Ladder - rank 15 (2011)
ClanBase 3on3 Europe Ladder - rank 10 (2010)
ClanBase 3on3 Balkan Ladder - rank 5 (2010)
ClanBase 5on5 Balkan Ladder - rank 3 (2010)
ClanBase OpenCup - rank 5-8 (2010)

Offline Achivements

Mini Lan Belisce 2008 - rank 1
Space Bar Valpovo 2010 - rank 1
Grand Lan Belisce 2006 - rank 1
Logitech LAN 2009 - rank 5-8
GWC 2011 - playoff
GJect #3 2010 - playoff
GJect #2 2009 - playoff
Feniks Lan 2007 - playoff
CyberSymph 2010 - rank 5-8

What can we offer to you!
Promotional logos on ClanBase site and a website.
Promotion on game forums, sites, etc etc.
Logos of your company on our LAN shirts.

What do we ask from you!
A webhosting with a 10000mb disk space with a domain.

My personal email : spavalic [dot] gmail [dot] com.

Regards! Thanks in advance.