Hello my name is Delgado/Kevin, I am owner of Regimental Gaming which is a multi-clan gaming community based all around the world. We have gained a bunch of people with in the past weeks and are in need of a website that is better then ours as we can't edit much on ours. We have 100+ members and are involved in mutliple things. We play Mount & Blade Warband, ArmA 2, Team Fortress 2, Fallen Earth, waiting for Planet Side 2, and also attempting to expand into League of Legends. We own three servers, two on Warband and one on TF2. We are involved in a capture the flag tourniment on warband, Linebattles for warband, and Player vs Player battles on ArmA.

Anything that can be beneifical would be appreciated as we can advirtise your name to our growing player base. You can contact me via steam - kevin61128, skype - delgado3335.