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    Webhosting with unlimited data transfer


    What is a good webhosting with unlimited data transfer and fair price?

    Thank you
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    There are none with "Unlimited" bandwidth or disk space.
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    Unfortunately it's actually getting hard to find major hosts that don't offer "unlimited" packages. It's better to go with a host that provides you with an actual guarantee on how much disk space and data transfer they are going to provide to you. Obviously for physical reasons it is impossible for anyone to actually offer "unlimited" resources of any type; as a result, if you pay $5/mo for hosting, "unlimited" just means as many resources as they can give you and still make a profit. If you exceed that magic limit, you'll get cut off, but with an "unlimited" plan you have no idea what that limit is.

    Personally I use four web hosts right now:

    (1) TekTonic (VPS hosting) - A great VPS host. I've been using them for many years and have been very happy with their prices, support and reliability.
    (2) Host Gator (an "unlimited" plan) - I've been happy with their hosting, I don't use it very heavily.
    (3) Amazon EC2 (VPS hosting) - More flexible, but also more expensive and less reliable than TekTonic. Still not a bad choice for VPS hosting, but getting everything set up with AWS can be confusing.
    (4) GoDaddy (not an "unlimited" plan) - Their control panel software is atrocious; there is pretty much no way I can recommend them because of that. Unfortunately, they are one of the only major providers that offers low cost plans that are not unlimited.

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