Taweem.com - The First Annual IDN Giveaway.

Just wanted to let everyone know here that taweem.com is giving away free IDN's.

These are great names followed by a great hosting company.

The names being offered are great names with some real gems included. If anyone has interest in winning some great IDN's then take a look, otherwise be sure to get your hosting done by a company that is aware of a changing internet.

If you are not interested in winning IDN's then consider us for great hosting services that go beyond the normal.

IDN draw ends October 29, 2010. Winners announced on Halloween Day.

If anyone has questions don't be hesitant to send our way.

My personal favorite is Mecca.net xn--ogb5cf.net مكة.net

This draws names include :

réplica.com Replica.com - Spanish
清酒.com Sake.com - Chinese
चित्रकला.com Painting.com - Hindi
संग्रहालय.com Museum.com - Hindi
بيره.com Beer.com - Arabic
الجينز.com Jeans.com - Arabic
مهرجان.com Festival.com - Arabic
يوجا.com Yoga.com - Arabic
التزحلق.com Skiing.com - Arabic
اكتشف.com Discover.com - Arabic
النكتة.com Jokes.com - Arabic
شاب.com Young.com - Arabic
الاحذيه.com Shoes.com - Arabic
ايجار.com Rent.com - Arabic
ابحار.com Sailing.com - Arabic
الغولف.com Golf.com - Arabic
إشتري.com Buy.com - Arabic
مكة.net mecca.net - Arabic
يطير.com Fly.com - Arabic
карьера.net Careers.net - Russian
новыефильмы.com NewMovies.com - Russian
טק.com Tech.com - Hebrew
میزبانی.com Host.com - Farsi

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