Hello, I have entered in the hosting world because a client of mine wanted a website and hosting. I was going to buy hosting for myself, and therefore bought a hosting plan with a host provider (not giving names so that I do not promote one brand or another) that allows me to host more then one domain with the same hosting plan. The plan gives me 150 GB Space, Unlimited Websites and Bandwidth, 25 MySQL Databases (1 GB ea.) - all this with obviously some conditions here and there.

Any ways, so far I had no problem at all, support is great etc etc. My client website is hosted and works fine. The problem is how to host my website. Basically, to start the hosting plan I had to bind the plan with my domain. This means that mydomain.com points to the root directory (/). for myclient.com I created a sub-folder under root named myclient and myclient.com points to /myclient.

My client website is developed with Joomla and so will be my website. However the problem is that - as things are now - for my website I would have to install Joomla (done my hosting provider) under the root directory. This would mean that in the root directory I of my hosting plan I would have Joomla files and folders, folders of my client and so on.

I think I have two options...

Option 1; bind a different domain to my hosting plan (example: mydomain.net) and then treat mydomain.com as if it was myclient.com.

Option 2; Use the .httpaccess file so that any request to mydomain.com is pointed to /mydomain. This however do not know if it will create several problems.

Any suggestions?