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My name is Joseph Simon and i am the admin a of social network operating in China called TallBee dot 'com'puter' .Its a social network mainly for expat community in China .Our site is 86 Days old as of 12.5.2013 .Currently the site is becoming too popular among the expat community.But recently started noticing many chinese users and chinese companies signing up on our site,due to the fact that where ever the expat community goes,Chinese companies follows them to make a business and sell their stuff.So in Short the target audience will be Foreign Business man,Foreign Students, Chinese users and Chinese companies. In 86 days we crossed over 26000+ Unique visitors and total visits in 86 days was over 91100+ visits.We are using shared hosting provided by xxxxx.com and our host is unable to handle the traffic or provide us a free dedicated hosting for us.So as a last resort i am posting this in this forum.We haven't monetized our site yet,but in future we plan to do once we have enough xxxxx users.But not now.So we don't earn anything from our site.Hence,We are looking for a hosting company who can provide us a free dedicated fully managed hosting server for our site,In return we can provide heavy advertisement at the bottom with a big banner and also we can make our site open to everyone so more Unique visitors can visit and see what is inside.Currently we closed our site for visitors due to heavy traffic and only registered users can view it and still it is exceeding our limits and Chinese hosting sucks pretty bad.I did emailed a few hosting companies but all of them want me to be their affiliate and earn money through it,to pay for the hosting.I Spend 15 hours per day for my site to keep it updated and clean ,so i don't have time for affiliate works.If someone like to provide a help ,do add me on skype


Joseph Simon

Skype ID- tallbeecare