Warning: NSFW. This site sells sex toys. If you are under 18 years old, uncomfortable with 'adult' material, or are in a public venue, please do not visit the site.


This is a commercial site I am working on for a relative of mine. It is a reseller of adult toys and novelties; i.e., sex toys such as vibrators. It's main focus is on BDSM/Fetish paraphernalia such as whips, handcuffs and the like, but the inventory seems to keep moving into new areas so it is hard to categorize it as specifically Fetish-oriented.

The site is hosted on iPage, and written using hand-coded PHP. The generated code should be XHTML, but I have not been able to get any of the validators to test generated code, only the static code. The presentation is pure CSS, though some inline CSS is used. Much of the layout is unfortunately awkward, as I'm a bit rusty with CSS and only just working with PHP for the first time.

I am hoping for some advice on the layout, especially on whether I should use more than one column for the inner catalog pages, and if I need to add a sidebar of any sort (unfortunately, the black/red/yellow color scheme is not up for change - it is the one part my father has insisted on). Any general advice on the site would be appreciated.

The Paypal service meeds to be tested, as well, but I won't ask anyone for that; I am going to temporarily set it up using the Paypal sandbox some time in the next few days, though I'm not entirely certain I have understood how to use the facility.