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    Moddersunite Layout revision (in the making)

    Im designing a website called moddersunite, its a social network for people who have computer skills and those who don't jack. Also site for discussing gaming, mods, downloadable skins maps, etc. any ways, I was wondering what you thought of my new layout so far. im just starting to get the hang of webdesign concepts and want feed back of improvment.

    Moddersunite Layout

    Thanks for your time
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  3. They're coming to take me away

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    I'm hoping your layout isn't going to repeat that way?

    In IE6, there's a
    <div id="
    showing at the top left

    The subheading under modders unite isn't really that readable.

    Without seeing the rest of what the site is to look like (with text and such), it's hard to gauge whether this looks good or not.

    Start coding something, or create a design of what an entire page will look like and it'll be easier to give feedback.

    Also the repeating image is quite annoying, which also makes it harder to say whether it's good or not.
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  5. "That Guy"
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    Yeah, that is a very incomplete layout.

    It looks like you took a background drew some lines, and slapped some text on it randomly.

    It doesn't fit well together, and I don't like the colors.

    The banner... works, but the rest is kinda bleh.

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