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    Does this work ok

    Could anyone please review my site - I need to know that it works ok and if anyone has any comments good or bad - please let me know

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    It works ok, nice clean layout.

    It's good to use whitespace, but I think that you made the white space between the menu and the info a bit too much.

    In general info, my gut feeling is that the text should line up with the header, but thats a personal preference thing.

    Also, because of the right alignment of right column, in general info the grey tabs get overwritten by the geocities/yahoo add - if you move it left you can work around that nastiness =)

    You're missing a copyright statement, too, should add that.
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    Works good. I like the layout, nice and clean. The geocities "floater" is a pain and covers up some text, but there's not much getting around that. Good job overall.

    ---John Holmes...
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    I guess you have a pretty good idea on how to use frames properly.

    Here are the following matters I would like to say.

    1. Please do not use frames if you do know how to properly and effectively use it for your site. Remember that frames are the counterpart of using a table and if you know how to use table, please use table instead.

    2. Red and white colors are a nice combination. But in this case, it didn't match for the theme of your site and your concept. Sorry...

    3. You haven't use any pictures to attract your visitors. You could at least put one image that will let your visitors say that..... "ahh! this is a sport related site! good!"

    4. the navigation was well done but you can at least put some design in it by giving it a mouse roll over effect or something.

    5. please start from a simple layout. it doesn't take one person to be "really" good in web designing at start. improvement will take sometime...

    lastly, this are only my suggestions so I hope you won't be angry with my post. i have reviewed your site using opera 7 and not with internet explorer.

    please contact me in case of any changes. cheers!

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