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    Rough rough rough draft


    This is a really rough draft in a temporary hosting spot but I want to get opinions before I get too far. I'm looking mostly for layout input. Content is basically just placeholders so I can see what things will look like. The images are from iStockPhoto.com and I just downloaded some non-purchased versions. If we decide these images will work then we'll obviously purchase the non-watermarked ones.

    Also, still working on a glitch in IE that's making the banner split weird. If you have FF or Chrome check it there instead - it looks like it should there.

    Any input?

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    looks good although quite a few things to focus on:

    1) header and content not lining up.
    The main header and the box aroudn the content do not line up.
    It would be worth putting both into one DIV and giving the header and the content 100% width so you only have to resize the holder div:

    <div id="holder">
     <div id="header"><!--HEADER HERE-->all your header stuff in here</div>
     <div id="content"><!--CONTENT HERE-->content in here</div>
    CSS = 
    #holder{ width:700px; overflow:auto}
    #header{width:100%; background-color:red}
    #content{width:100%; background-color:blue}
    2) Content Margin:
    I would suggest adding a suitable margin to your content (20px) so the text does not meet the border of the content. Same to be applied to the images(iStockphoto ones)

    3) Javascript errors
    Every page loads with javascript errors. Obviously you will need to sort those out before it is live.

    4) Body Background image.
    Personally i dont like the lines you have used and would change it to a gradient or something. But thats more personal then something actually wrong

    Well done though

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