I would like to be able to run something like
mailtoyou.bat 12345
from the Run dialog box in Windows that will create a new email with some information already in it. I would like the 12345 parameter value to be inserted into the email subject. Something like
The problem is that to add spaces in the mailto link I have to use %20 instead of an actual space. I have a feeling that the batch file interprets this as parameter 20, which obviously doesn't exist. Can anyone help me with a work-around?

Also, is the correct batch file command the "start" command? Something like
start "mailto:me@domain.com"
I have used things like
start "firefox http://www.google.com"
before. Is there an application that I can/should use for mailto links or should Windows already handle it? ie - Is there any need to do something like this?
start firefox "mailto:me@domain.com"