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    Laptop not working... pull files from hard drive??


    My girlfriend's laptop decided to freeze one day and when it rebooted, it would not make it into windows vista. It then was trying to run a disk recover and then after that, when you start it up now, all it says is disk read error and thats it. I bought an external enclosure for the 2.5" sata drive to try and recover the data on the drive. When connected to my windows 7 laptop, it prompts me to format the D: before it can be used. In my compouter, when I click the D: I get an error saying the wrong diskette is in the drive. What can I do to view the files on the hard drive?

    E6850 @3.1Ghz
    EVGA 8800GTS 640MB
    P5N32-E SLi plus mobo
    4GB Ram @ 800 Mhz
    Vista 64bit
    Apevia X-Telstar case

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    It sounds like the drive is probably toast. As a first option, you could try purchasing hard drive recovery software and see if you can get anything off the drive yourself. This is really sort of a gamble since there is no way to know how badly the drive is damaged.

    If that doesn't work, pretty much the only remaining option would be a data recover service. For these services you're usually looking in the ballpark of $500-$1000 for recovery though, so you have to do decide how much that data is actually worth to you.

    My advice: when you buy a new drive and re-install windows, set up a good backup solution immediately.

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    Ah USB, the only rectangular connector where you have to make 3 attempts before you get it the right way around
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    did your gf drop it? the hdd is cactus.
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    Yeah, sorry, sounds like a dead drive.

    But future FYI, you can plug a SATA 2.5 drive into a regular SATA connection in a tower so you don't have to purchase adapaters or external stuff.

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