Hey guys,

In prep for Hurricane Sandy coming through, I powered down our Home Server before the power went out. Once the utilities were restored, we found that the Home Server appeared dead. I've been able to test the PSU but can't get any response from the motherboard. I don't get it. It was behind a surge protector and behind a whole house surge protector. But that's not what I'm here for.

The HDD on the server held some very important files. I took the disk out, put it in another PC and tried to access the files. I can see every file and browse the disk, but I cannot open anything. I've tried booting to Windows Home Server directly off that HDD but I get a BSOD during boot (STOP: 0x0000007b)

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can save the files from this HDD? Are they encrypted by WHS? Is the HDD toast and all the files corrupted? Can it be repaired without losing the files?

Thanks in advanced for any help.