I have a collection of computer systems some of which I want to be used only to display a certain website. The computer are running either Win2K or WinXP Pro and are all link to a large LAN. The computers need to be in all sense tamper proof except for the Administrator.

I require the browser to loads up when the computer are turned on and have all its function disabled so the users can on surf the pages related and linked to the home page.

On old Win98 systems a program called "Netsitter" (' http://crawdads.mis.udel.edu/~terence/nsitter/ ') was used however is does not work under Win2K or WinXP or new browsers. IE 5.5 is the current supported browser over the LAN.

Any help or guidance will be much appreciated!


YesLad http://crawdads.mis.udel.edu/~terence/nsitter/