I installed win2kpro on a rather old mashine (AMD K6/2 400Mhz, 128MB). During the installation there was no problem at all, besides ntldr.dll, which wanted to be recognised i reckon (had to press ENTER a 2nd time, but no warning after that, so i consider it as installed).

After installing, i downloaded SP3 (SP4 as well) and installed it. Again without a problem.

Durning booting, the Windows 2000 pro start window appeared. after finishing the process a message appeares that says that winlogon.exe causes a problem so that the computer needs to be rebooted. With SP4, this message doesnt appear at all, but the computer reboots by it self.

I can "repair" this problem with the CD but that doesnt help me because the service packs arenīt installed then.

thx for your help!