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    Win XP Backup help

    If you know any other way than vvv That, please do share.

    I want to switch from Linux, my current operating system cause it can't run any of my games/art software, and want to revert to XP since I doubt W7 would agree with my rather old computer. Before I do though, I need to know if I can do something. I'm going to be buying a 1 Computer Windows XP CD, once I get it, can I do a total data rip and store it as is on an external hard drive as a backup? I know the validation key will prevent me from having it activated on both hard drives at once, so I could just leave the secondary in a deactivated state as it shouldn't need to be activated to store data, but in the event that my primary gets infected with a virus, would I be able to deactivate the primary, wipe it, then copy the backup hard drive onto it than reactivate it? This way there would only be one hard drive with it activated at any given time, so I don't think it should be a problem, I just want to know before I go and buy a 65$ Windows CD whether I'll run into any unforseen problems

    If you didn't understand any of ^^^ What I'm basically trying to say is, I want to create a save point that I can keep going back to to start over in the event that my PC catches a virus (And please don't give me any of that "You should just be more careful what websites you visit" talk, my younger siblings use my computer too, nuff said.
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    Hi sillysock, a few points come to mind...

    1. If you're worried about a virus, Microsoft offers free A/V software called, "Microsoft Security Essentials".

    2. I would suggest using some kind of drive imaging software. This will take a "snapshot" of your PC during regular intervals that you setup (i.e., every week, every month, etc...). If your PC does crash you can simply reload the image to a point in time. I'm sure there are free versions of this type of software out there, but I've used Acronis True Image for quite a few years and have had good luck with it.

    3. If your PC can support Windows 7, it does everything you want natively.
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    I'd just get my XP installed and configured the way I want for the snapshot then from a linux live cd just do a dd .iso image of the hard drive. You can put such an image back on the hard drive and you'll be back at the point you took the image.

    Doing a raw image .iso has the advantage that with kvm anyway you can turn that image into a virtual machine without having to do much reconfiguration. kvm supports raw .iso image files for vm's.
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