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    Win95 Direct Cable Networking

    I've setup a Linux MySQL server and need to connect (PPP) via Win95 to run a ODBC application. I don't want to dial my ISP for the hours that I'd be working on this application, so I ran a null modem serial cable between the Linux server and Win95 client.

    I have a QUE Red Hat Linux book which describes how to use Win95 Dialup Networking to connect to the Linux server. It basically says allow the modem to handshake, then, bring up a terminal window to Linux to login. Login with a user who has SuperUser authority to run the pppd damon.

    /usr/sbin/pppd clientIP:serverIP

    From the Win95 terminal window the Linux PPPd program will try and sync with the Win95 PPP, press the F7 key to continue, and the connection will be live.

    Anyway, I want to follow the above procedure with the exception that I have no modem (null modem cable). If found out I need to assign a modem driver to the cable to allow Dial-up Networking to see it as a modem, then, I edited my registry to remove any of the modem AT commands. When I run the Dial-up Networking for the cable, it attempts to dial (no AT sent) and the Linux Terminal Window displays. I login to Linux; go to the SuperUser account and run the PPPd damon. The PPP sync starts and I F7 to continue. However, the connection seems hung-up. I try to ping the Linux server and get the reply "Request time-out."

    Does anyone know how to run the Win95 PPP (TCP/IP) support over a null modem cable?

    I tried the Win95 Direct Cable Connection but it wants to login to the Linux server as a Microsoft Client for Networks host.
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    do you have a full-featured null modem cable (all 9 pins connected)?
    also, it could be different setup for flow control. make sure both use CTS/RTS and disable XON/XOFF and DTS/DSR. (unless you have a 3-wire cable, where you need to enable XON/XOFF only)

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