I recently installed windows 7, and I knew there were issues to begin with, because I had to install it in safe mode (due to graphics card drivers not being updated) but now that I've tried underclocking my ram, and running in safe mode as suggested...
I can't reach safe mode anymore

-Black screen on boot, after loading screen.
-Graphics card not supported, or not updated.
-Nvidia 9800GT
-2GB ddr2 pc6400
-VGA/DVI out, both of which have been tried.

I got safe mode to boot, and I chose safe mode with networking so I could install new drivers, but it froze at crcdisk.sys for quite some time before booting. Could it be that it is hanging the same way normally, and I'm not waiting long enough?

It does boot, but it produces the error:
Windows 7 install cannot continue in safe mode.
Closing, or pressing ok restarts my computer.