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    dhcp help!

    Ok, i smoothwall firewall/router at my house. Our cable modem plugs into it and then the other network card in the firewall is plugged into a hub. Then all the rest of our computers plug into that hub as well.

    Now, i have the dhcp server running on it, so when i turn my computer on, the nic in my win2k box requests an ip from my router and one is sent back to it.

    I'm out of ports on my hub and/or i really dont feel like crawling through our attic again to run another line for another computer. What i want to do is basically install another nic in my win2k box and then be able plug my laptop or what ever other computer i want, into that 2nd nic in my win2k box, and have that 2nd nic basically be a relay. So when my other computer asks for an ip, it sends the request to my win2k box, then it sends the request back to my router, and then my router sends the new ip back to my win2k box, and then to my other computer. few!! lol. Anyway, someone said this was possible, but im not sure how. Mabey someone here can help.

    And, yes i could just buy a hub for my win2k box, but my local computer store wont have any untill next friday. I will be getting one, but i would like a quick fix untill then. Thanks again!!
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    Well, a hub (or better yet, a switch) would ofcourse be the easyest and best solution.
    I'd probably pull some comp that really doesn't need to be hooked up at the moment while you wait 'til friday, but that's me.

    For your immediate problem, I'd say think NAT.


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