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    installing Linux

    Sorry for the subject line, but this is what I want to do...
    I have 2 HDs on my box. On the bigger one I have 2 operating systems: on the C: partition I have WIN98 and on the F: partition I have WIN2000 . On the D: (which is also the smaller HD) partition I want to install Linux (SUSE 8.0) and only Linux (no other OS).

    The question is: how do I do this with out damaging the other partiotions? how do I do it so Linux will boot correctly?
    I've heared that one should not first install Linux and than NT becuse this blows the Linux installation away. If I try to install Linux on the other HD (as said: the D: partition) will it give me a boot menu later so I can choose what I want to boot?
    I would have tried it on my own but I don't want to destroy everything I have...
    I would be happy to get some information from you guys.
    Dekers (Thanks!).
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    I take it as you want to install SuSE on your second hd, which is known as D: to your Win* systems. What you've heard is correct, it's easiest to install windows, windowsNT/2K and then Linux/BSD. It is possible to do it in another order, but then you'll have to edit some stuff in various places to make it work, or use a boot loader. Not as smooth...

    Anyway, just install SuSE to your second harddrive, and either partition it using advanced partitioning or go for the entire harddrive as YAST suggests. Be sure to choose the correct drive though...
    SuSE won't touch the other drives/partitions unless you tell it to do so, so your Windows installs should be safe.

    When you come to the option to choose where to install LILO, choose to install it into the MBR. Which means that LILO will be initialized by your BIOS when you start your box. LILO then shows you a boot menu where you can choose either SuSE or Windows. If you choose Windows, the Win2K boot loader will kick in, allowing you to choose between Windows or Win2K. Or you could choose Linux...

    That's about it.

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