I have a dedicated server running windows 2003 server. I also have MSSQL 2000 running. I have a few other things running such as filezilla server to manage ftp connections, payflow pro gateway, etc. I run about a dozen sites that are all low traffic. About 6 of those have mssql databases integratd with the site running classic asp.

I have a few issues/questions.

1. This is my biggest one. It seems I may have a memory leak as SQL server keeps growing in memory size and eventually the server becomes very slow. I know it is suppose to keep building its memory use to a certain size and then maintain that level which it seems to do at about 800,000k. But once it is at that level it seems within a day or two the server bogs down and a reboot solves the issue. I have gone through the code and I believe all of the instances of opening a db connection are closed but doesn't seem to fix the issue. Also a client says they feel at 10-11 in the morning is when they see the server really slow. I don't see anything in the event log or really notice that each day at that time it is slow. My question is there an easy way to have the server stop and restart the sql server each day such as 4am during low peak times. I figure this would set the sql memory back down to about 250,000k and it would not get to large before resetting again the next day. Secondly is there a realatively easy way to track memory and where it is being used.

Second question is there any fairly simple process to move everything to a new server? I have done it in the past as I should upgrade the server but it was a slow pain last time and coordinating everything without losing much downtime was difficult. I know cpanel transfers are fairly easy on linux servers.

Last what is a recommended backup solution for my databases and websites. I do not have physical access to the server.