(may not be the right forum but ...)
i have added geolocation to my website... it works correctly in firefox, opera, chrome, (all mac and windows), safari (mac)... but not internet explorer.

-I have IE 9.
-navigator.relocation returns true
-but navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition returns error code 2 [One or more of the location providers used in the location acquisition process reported an internal error that caused the process to fail entirely.]

(I think) that can only happen if the getCurrentPosition is defined.

the optional option parameter is passed as:
{enableHighAccuracy: false, timeout: 20000, maximumAge:3600000 }

i tried turning off the fire wall but that didn't help.

are there any known quirks or problems for IE with respect to geolocation.
using IE 9.0.8112
windows 9