Windows Server 2008 R2. I've read the documentation about Performance monitoring, the step by step Performance Monitoring for Windows 2008. And I've created many different data collector sets (education by experimentation). I've learned the basic steps. One thing that's not clear and I can't find in the documentation is what file formats are created when you log the data. I choose to use the default binary log file format. When I look in the folders where the log files are saved, most often I see a data collector.blg file. Sometimes I see data collector.blg, report.html, report.xml, and report.xsl. Other times I see a .cab file has been created.

What determines which files are created? I've got a performance counter data collector set created that takes a sample every 10 minutes and runs for 24 hours\1 day and creates a new log file for each day. Now I want to save that info into a log file, the report.html file to be exact. What do I need to do to get that data logged into the report.html file?