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    Command line in Win7

    (1) Is there a command for finding files by file name or by extension? As far as I can tell there's only find "XXX" c:\xxx\xxx whatever, which searches for text strings within files, but I only know the name & extension of the file I need to find, not what's in it.

    (2) is there any way to get the undelete command to work under W7?

    (3) cana nyone give me a quick clarification of the difference/relationship between cmd.exe & DOS, or point me to a link where I can find out, please. It looks to me like cmd.exe is derived from DOS, but I know it's not an OS.

    My first question is most important at the moment, so if you only want to respond to one, that'd be best for me!

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    dir /s /a /b C:\filename.ext
    dir does a directory listing. /s means it looks through subdirectories, /a shows hidden files, and /b suppresses the verbose output leaving just the filename.

    2. There is no undelete.

    3. DOS is/was a set of operating systems. cmd.exe is based on the old command.com which is based on MSDOS (one of the DOSes). Check Wikipedia for more.

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