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    Desktop Icons Disappear Issue. Already tried most posted fix's. Use EventViewer?

    I have spent weeks researching this for an effective solution and nothing out there is working. What makes it even more maddening is everything seemed to be fine until an auto download of MS Updates went through and then this icon disappearing act started.
    I have already restored my computer once and that appeared to fix the problem for a while but then it reared its ugly head again and now no matter what version I restore it to, the icons still disappear.
    Here's the thing though! I can almost tell, by watching the lower right corner of the start bar when the start bar symbols pop up, about when the desktop icons will go away. SO ISN'T THERE SOME WAY TO GENERATE A LOG (EventViewer maybe?) THAT I COULD POST OR SEND TO SOMEONE SMARTER THAN ME, THAT MIGHT NARROW DOWN WICH APP OR STARTUP ITEM IS DOING THIS?
    I have looked at the Event Viewer but I'm not of a mind to understand what I am seeing or looking for. But I have to think if I know roughly which startup symbol showed up just before the icons went away, we could ascertain what's causing it.
    Otherwise has anyone found the "REAL" working solution yet?
    Specs and DiagnosisWin 7 32Bit, ASUS laptop) Have already ran all sorts of anti virus, anti spyware, anti malwares. I do believe one of those found a virus and perhaps that changed a registry setting to make this problem start. But then again I did not notice the issue until after the auto Windows Update went through so it's hard to know which brought this on.
    I am serious when I say I've tried just about all of the posted solutions - some are so rudimentary (like turning off-and-on the desktop icons selector, and turning off the Windows orphaned shortcut (4 allowed) checking). And others I've tried, like registry changes and the like, are a lot more involved - BUT NONE DO A THING.
    And since it appears this is a relatively new issue that A LOT of users are struggling with - could it be something in the most recent Windows Update perhaps?
    Oh, and BTW I DO NOT show that I have INFRAREDRECORDER installed in my system, unless it might go under a different name? Because I do seem to also recall that about the same time that my system loaded the latest Windows Update I also had downloaded a new media player program (long since removed and name is forgotten). Could that media player have changed a reg setting perhaps? And how do we find it?
    Please, if there is a log, event, or registry paragraph I can retrieve and post that someone might use to diagnose this, let me know. (It would be soooo nice if EventViewer would simply tell us exactly when the icons disappear so we could find what precludes that event!) Thank you.
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    Three things:

    1) I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. Your title says "Icons disappear"; but give no details as to when, why, how, or any other details.

    B) The one tool that might be worth looking into is Process Monitor (google it)

    III) Do you have the program "Desktop Fences" installed from Stardock? They have a "hide desktop icons" feature. Right-click on the desktop and check the menu or double-click somewhere on the open desktop.
    Adam TT
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    If it's Windows XP, right click the desktop, make sure hide icons isn't selected.

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