Hi everyone, I have a complex question about paging file(s).

I have Windows 7 x64 with 16Gb of memory.

I also have a Corsair Force 3 GT SSD 120Gb drive for Windows

And another smaller Corsair Force 3 SSD 60Gb (my 1st, older, smaller SSD that I decided to recycle as a swap drive).

So, I decided to move my pagefile from my OS drive (the 120Gb one) to the SWAP drive (the 60Gb one). So I closed the pagefile on OS drive and set it to 'System Managed' on the SWAP drive. When I rebooted, I saw the pagefile disappeared on the OS drive and I saw it under the SWAP drive. I've done that not to get faster results, but to gain space on my OS drive, 16Gb is a big chunk of space.

  • Question 1 : Is a temp pagefile created on OS drive when booting?
    After googling, I saw that Windows was in fact creating a temp pagefile file on the OS drive when none were present and was actually deleting it after you're logged on the system. Actually, it seems that my system is taking actually longer to log me on windows..., that could explain, but it is real?

While reading, I also saw that Windows needed the pagefile to be on the OS drive to create memory dump files in case of system crash.

  • Question 2 : Is that real that is pagefile is not on OS drive Windows can't create a memory dump file?
    My system is not crashing right now, but I want it to be able to create a dump file in case it crashes. So, it is real it won't generate a dump file if the pagefile is on another drive and not on OS drive?

  • Question 3 : Create 2 pagefile to create memory dumps?
    I also read that to make windows create a memory dump if your pagefile is on another drive and system managed for size, you have to create another pagefile for the OS drive and set minimum and maximum size at the same value to prevent it from taking to much space. This will let windows create a memory dump file in case it crashes and without issues depending of the location of your main pagefile. The min and max depends of the OS you are using.

  • Question 3.1 : Size of the 'small' pagefile under Windows 7 x64 with 16Gb of RAM
    If affirmation 3 is true, then what would be the best min and max value of the OS pagefile to correctly create a memory dump file under Windows 7 x64 with 16Gb of RAM? I've read from 300Mb to 800Mb, what is the best option?

  • Question 3.2 : Complete memory dump with this setup?
    If again question 3 is true, can I create a complete memory dump with this setup (let say OS pagefile = 800Mb and SWAP pagefile is System Managed (so ~16Gb))?

  • Question 4 : Change memory dump location and type
    It is a good idea to save the memory dump to another drive than the OS drive and also, it is a good idea to set it as 'Complete'?

Thanks a lot to everyone for taking time to read me and thanks to those who responds, very appreciated. Also, as a final note, if any of you knows 'best tricks' or 'pratices' regarding this subject, please feel free to share, something I didn't think of or mentionned.

What is your best system monitoring tools too?