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    Using Outlook Express knocks off Verizon connectivity

    I have a friend who has been using their Windows XP computer and Outlook Express for a long time with no problems. He has a Gmail account and is using the gmail settings in that account with OE. They recently went away and all of a sudden if they tried to use the OE to send mail, it would turn off the connectivity with their Verizon broadband card (not actually a card, it uses a USB port). So would anyone know why this would happen? The Verizon people said he needed an upgrade of his OE. Now that that person is back at home, it is still disconnecting the internet. I attempted to send an email and the connection ends. I looked at the advanced settings and he is not using 25 for the outgoing, I believe he is using 465. I suggested he just use Gmail, but he is an older gentleman and learning new ways to attach, etc is a bit too much for him. So in summary, all was well until he left home, his Verizon card did some updates along the way and now he has lost a function he used previously. Thank you.

    PS: I still use Outlook Express myself, so I know it isn't the program, probably some setting within it.
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    I'm not sure where the setting is, but it sounds like OE may be trying to dial out a connection; even though it's already connected through Verizon. Take a look here and see if that helps.
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    Tools->Options->Connection then uncheck hang up after send/recieve
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