Hi,well,i ll be brief with the "why i want it" story,lets just say i found out my biology teacher stores the tests in the same pendrive she uses to store her power points,so she uses it every single day.

I have some basic knowledge of cmd,but i think i ll be needing to throw some jsp or something else in there.

What i need is a command,that when activated will silently search disk H for "Word" documents and copy them into a folder,this file has to be activated via "countdown clock",it has to be programmed to be triggered at an exact date and hour.

And another command,that will be activated manually,this file will be in my pendrive,and as soon as it is activated,it will copy the "Word" documents in the folder to my pendrive.

I know how to make a command that copies files from a folder to another,but i need to know how to:
-Make it work silently.
-Copy only "Word" documents.
-Be activated in an exact time.

I know it has to open every time the computer is turned on,and it can be done easily,i just have one problem,every time a program opens in that computer,it asks for permission to open it.

PSon t judge me,11th grade biology is hard,and even though i have a decent average,why stop there?