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    Windows Task Manager - XP and 7.

    Here's the class Windows XP task manager, the CPU Usage History lines on the right are in line with the CPU Usage chart on the left.

    But then, in Windows 7.

    The CPU Usage History now has 2 windows, left and right. Which corresponds to which? And why is there 2? Which 1 corresponds to the equivalent in XP?

    In this image, the levels are about the same.

    But here is 1 where they are vastly apart:

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    Your CPU has two cores and Windows 7 is showing the performance of each core individually. (It would do that for two processors with one core each, too.)
    On the computer running XP, either (a) it only has one CPU with one core, and/or (b) XP is not splitting the performance graph apart like 7 is. I'm pretty sure the latter is true.


    Regarding the high activity on the second core:
    When the average application runs, it "bounces" between multiple processors/cores: for a split-second it runs on the first core, then runs on the second core, and so on. If an application uses 100% CPU then you'll likely see both processors (a) at around 50% on average and (b) with spiky graphs.
    That's not quite the case here. Instead, you have one application running at about "100%" CPU but it is spending most of its time running on the second core. That's not bad so don't worry about it. If you go to the Processes tab, find the application in question, and right-click the entry, you should see something about setting affinity. This is a way of restricting the application to one or more specific cores. Set it to run on only the first or the second core, switch back to the Performance tab, and you'll see the core you selected running at 100% and the other back to low activity.

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