i have all the proper code in the anchor tag and i am doing it just like the book says but it is telling me that it doesnt like it..

here is the line it says its crashing on...

<anchor accesskey='1'>285 N MAIN ST<go href='WMLListingDetail.jsp'....

Error: there is no attribute "accesskey" for this element (in this HTML version)

if i take that line out, it crashes on the next.. i KNOW there is an ACCESSKEY element for anchor.. it is in the darn books! laugh

here is a full line of code that it crashes on...

<anchor accesskey='#'>Next<go href='WMLResults.jsp' >
<postfield name='max' value='3' /><postfield name='startDisplay' value='3' />
<postfield name='searchType' value='PDASearch' />
<postfield name='streetName' value='main' />
<postfield name='searchState' value='PA' />
<postfield name='houseNumber' value='' />

any ideas?????