I use a program called 'Eventghost'. I always save my configuration in this program and the exported format is .XML. I formatted my HDD but forgot to backup my configuration file. I used TestDisk and was able to find/recover my .xml file. However, the file seems corrupt or broken or something because my program Eventghost won t open it. I included the file in this post. On the Evenghost forum they say that the file is not a .XML file and that it is gobbledegook but I am 100% sure this is the correct file. Can the 'corrupted' / 'broken' .XML file be fixed in some way?

I cannot get it done to upload the .xml file but here is the link to the topic where you can find my .xml file:

(www here!) eventghost.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=5958&p=29169&sid=edae4fdc3641a43ff45aa2a83d75ee30#p29169