Hi XSL gurus,

<table name="ASSETS_TABLE" statement-type="INSERT"> 
<column name="ASSET_ID">string(/assets/asset/value())</column> 
<column name="ASSET_VALUE"> 
<option name="VALUE_GREATER_THEN_0">/assets/asset &gt; 0</option> 
<option name="VALUE_LESS_THEN_0">/assets/asset &lt; 0</option> 
<option name="OTHERWISE">1</option> 
<column name="ASSET_DESCRIPTION">string(/assets/asset/text())</column> 
From the above XML, i need to get the values of the attributes (i.e name). For column and option nodes, how would you go about using a loop to get the value of the attribute and using it as an element name or a variable name and the value of the column node as value of the new element or variable.

So I'd want something like

<VALUE_GREATER_THEN_0>/assets/asset &gt; 0</VALUE_GREATER_THEN_0> 
<VALUE_LESS_THEN_0>/assets/asset &lt; 0</VALUE_LESS_THEN_0> 
Any help on this is really appreciated.

Thanks guys