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    XML 'CDATA' Error

    Hi folk,
    I m new to XML,
    I tried making XML and got error in initial stage because of non-ascii char.
    I searched on web and find CDATA to hide the data from parsing.
    but this also dont help for me and I am not able to make the XML works.

    below is my XML which creates the problem.

    XML Code:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <field name="postid">342</field>
    <field name="userid">501</field>
    <field name="bucketid">3</field>
    <field name="title"><![CDATA[Flirting with Apple ]]></field>
    <field name="description"><![CDATA[As the title suggest, I'm kicking around the idea of purchasing an Apple computer.  �  Models in the  the 13&quot; MacBook Air, and the Mac Mini.  .  �  There are some issues I do have. The whole internal battery high tech, but still....  �  Anyways, I'd appreciate any feedback/comments on which way I should go. Thanks!  �  �  �  �  �  � ]]></field>

    Please help.

    Thanks is advance
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    Originally Posted by shariqnitt
    CDATA to hide the data from parsing.
    That's not quite what it does. There's two phases to "parsing" XML, if you will: 1) reading the characters, and 2) parsing it. A CDATA will only prevent #2 from happening (and even then, not all parsing); you still have to pass #1.

    Set an encoding for your XML.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="???"?>
    The encoding can be whatever you want - popular choices are UTF-8 ("utf-8") and ISO 8859-1 ("iso-8859-1").
    Once you've picked one, make sure everything in your XML is in that encoding.
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    at first look at your editor which generated the xml file
    which encoding the editor used.

    with decodeunicode
    search your sign
    example Euro sign &#x20AC;

    then use in xml file
    <field name="euro">The Euro Sign &#x20AC;</field>
    after &# used a small x to say is a hex number
    so euro sign is display

    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='unicode' ?>
      <item>The Euro Sign </item>
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